Measles Alert to the UCSC Campus Community:


A student at UC Berkeley was diagnosed with measles on 2/7/14.  The Alameda and Santa Cruz County Health Department (SCHD) have investigated this case and identified a small number of UCSC students who reside off campus and may have been exposed to measles on 2/7/14 while visiting Berkeley . These individuals have been contacted by the SCHD. 

However, if you think you may have been exposed to measles or you have questions or concerns about measles, please do not hesitate to contact us at the UCSC Student Health Center.  Here is a link to an information sheet about measles and how to protect yourself.

Most students in America have had two immunizations to protect them from getting measles.  These shots were called the MMR and are typically given to children when they are one and again at ages 4 to 6.  This vaccination is very effective.  If you have had the MMR vaccinations you are not considered to be at risk for getting measles.     It is a good idea for you to find and keep a copy of your childhood shot records. In the event of a true outbreak you would need to provide us documentation of measles immunization.

The UCSC Student Health Center works in close collaboration with our local Santa Cruz County Health Department.  At this time they are not recommending that we take any additional action in response to the situation at UC Berkeley.


Drew Malloy, MD

Medical Director

UCSC Student Health Center