AlcoholEdu Student Information


AlcoholEdu Student Information

As part of our comprehensive prevention and education programs, UCSC requires all freshmen and transfer students, 24 years of age and younger (on the first day of Fall Quarter - 9/21/2013), to successfully complete AlcoholEdu for College with Haven - Understanding Sexual Assault (AEdu). AEdu is an online learning platform designed to educate students about critical issues associated with alcohol use, relationship violence, sexual assault and stalking. Whether you abstain from alcohol entirely, or not, it is an influence in our lives and in the lives of friends and families. AEdu is designed to empower students to make informed decisions and create safe, healthy campus environments.

The deadline to complete AEdu is November 12, 2013. Students who do not complete the full course will be unable to enroll in Winter Quarter classes. 

Starting Part 1:  You can ONLY access AEdu from your MyUCSC portal. You will need a computer with Internet access and audio capabilities. AEdu supports Chrome and Firefox. Please complete the course from 1 of these 2 browsers. Disable all pop-up blockers and set your browser to accept cookies from BEFORE linking to the course from your MyUCSC. You also will need an activated UCSC email address.

Recently completed Part 1: Part 1 normally drops off the MyUCSC "To Do" list within several hours. If you did not achieve the minimum required score of 80% on the exam, you must retake that for Part 1 to automatically update to completed on your UCSC account profile.

Why You Need to Complete Part 1 now and/or Part 2 before November 12th: Students who have not yet finished Part 1 and/or do not complete Part 2 are at risk of an enrollment hold being placed on Winter Qtr. courses. Please be advised that the likelihood of getting into courses that you want decreases when enrollment holds stop you from signing up at your scheduled enrollment appointment time. You will save yourself much stress and potential scheduling complications if you complete AEdu now. 

Change to the Wait Period between Parts 1 & 2: As a courtesy to students who delayed completion of Part 1, starting November 1-2 the standard 45-days wait period will be changed to 1 day only. This will enable you to access Part 2 within 1-2 days of finishing Part 1, and to complete Part 2 before the course deadline.

Completed Part 2: If you recently completed Part 2 (final survey and short module that takes ~15 minutes), please note that AEdu normally drops from your MyUCSC "To Do" list within several hours. Thank you for completing AEdu!

For Technical Support: Please select from these two IT services…

TROUBLE LINKING TO AEdu from the MyUCSC "To Do" list: Please contact the UCSC ITS Help Desk...


Phone: (831) 459-HELP (4357)


TROUBLE COMPLETING THE COURSE OR EXAM:  Click on the "Technical Help" button located in the upper right-hand corner of every AlcoholEdu screen (available 24/7) or call 1-866-384-9062, toll free.

Verification of Completion & Enrollment Holds: UCSC Systems that track AEdu normally update 4 times per 24-hour cycle. AEdu should drops off  the MyUCSC “To Do” list within several hours of completing Part 1 or Part 2.

Students who complete Part 2 after the November 12th deadline: Enrollment holds for AEdu are automatically released within several hours of completing Part 2.