This section provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about topics.

Q: What is this bill?
A: Students can access billing statements for services performed at the UCSC Student Health Center securely through Health e-Messenger. If you have UC SHIP, then any insurance claims are sent directly to Anthem Blue Cross. You may see fees on your AIS Account for anything that is considered the "patient responsibility," like pharmacy copays or the 15% coinsurance for laboratory tests sent offsite. If you have CruzCare, then the fees posted to your AIS account are for services or supplies not covered by CruzCare. If you have an outside insurance plan, then billing statements on your Health e-Messenger may be used to submit to your insurance carrier.

Q: How do I contest any bills?
A: Please send an email to If you are sharing private health information, send a secure message online through Health e-Messenger for management consideration.

Q: Why was I charged?
A: Fees are charged for services at UCSC Student Health Services. UC SHIP and CruzCare cover many fees, so check your AIS account for any fees that are the "patient responsibility" like pharmacy copays and coinsurance etc. Check the UCSC SHS website under Insurance for information on UC SHIP and CruzCare for what is and is not covered.

Q: What is an EOB (Explanation of Benefits)?
A: This is the statement that you get from the insurance carrier. It shows what was covered by the insurance plan. It also identifies items that would be your share of cost, like co-insurance and deductibles.

Q: Why was I not informed of the fee?
A: Go to your Health-e Messenger to access your itemized statement. The cost of any visit cannot be fully determined until all services are completed to include any patient financial responsibility for procedures, supplies, administered medications, laboratory tests, X-ray imaging, and prescriptions.

Q: How do I pay fees from the Student Health Center?
A: If the fees already appear on the bursar account (AIS), go to the Cashier’s Office at Hahn Student Services to make a payment. If the fees have not yet been sent by the Student Health Center, contact our billing specialists through Health e-Messenger.

Q: Who do I contact with questions about my bill?
A: Please contact our medical billing specialists securely online through your Health e-Messenger.

Q: Why do I have late fees?
A: It is the student’s responsibility to pay for Student Health Center fees that are sent to Student Business Services (SBS) and put onto the AIS account. If any bills on the AIS account are unpaid by the deadline, then SBS charges late fees. Contact Student Business Services at and fill out the Late Fee Contest Form.

Q: Fees?
A: The costs for Health Center services are reasonable -- often below those charged by comparable community facilities. Our charges are reviewed and approved by the Campus Miscellaneous Fee Committee, which includes student representation.

Charges are billed to a student's UCSC account -- along with other campus-related charges, such as registration fees. Students are responsible to clear these charges from their student account -- failing to do so can potentially affect your ability to register for classes.

A statement detailing charges, suitable for obtaining insurance reimbursement, can be found online via the Health e-Messenger system under "Account Summary." To get reimbursed for these charges for outside insurance -- students need to file a claim with their particular insurance carrier.

Q: Why does the date on my portal differ from the time I received service?
A: All billing is completed after the visit and depends on billing for outside services, like laboratory tests that are sent out offsite. Therefore, the date that students are billed will always be after the date of service.

Q: What do I do for Emergency Room Billing?
A: Contact the UCSC Insurance Office at for an advocate to work with you to resolve an emergency room visit bill received from an out-of-network hospital, emergency room, or physician that would not be fully covered by the facility or Anthem Blue Cross.