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Q: What is CruzCare?
A: CruzCare provides access to the UCSC Student Health Center and providers for $100 every quarter during the school year (3 quarters total). It provides the following:

  • Unlimited visits to Student Health Center (only) for illness and injury
  • In-house laboratory tests and X-rays done in the building
  • Doesn’t pay for physicals/preventive care, procedures, medicines, supplies, immunizations, or laboratory tests sent offsite.
  • Link to CruzCare

Q: What is covered with CruzCare?
A: CruzCare provides unlimited visits during the school year for illness or injury, in-house laboratory tests and in-house X-rays.

Q: What is not covered with CruzCare?
A: CruzCare only works at the UCSC Student Health Center for students who successfully waived UC SHIP and therefore have health insurance. CruzCare does not cover off-campus care including laboratory tests sent offsite, administered medications, supplies, and immunizations, special and elective procedures and tests (including wart removal), routine clearances and preventive care such as women's health annuals, physicals and immunizations, prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, and referrals to any outside provider.

Q: How much does CruzCare cost?
A: $100 per quarter for 3 academic quarters. Fall, winter and spring.

Q: Who is eligible to enroll in CruzCare?
A: Any enrolled student who successfully waives UC SHIP is encouraged to enroll in CruzCare.

Q: If I decline CruzCare during the waiver process, can I sign up for it later?
A: Yes you can sign up for CruzCare even after the waiver period! Go to the Insurance Office and fill out the application form available on our website. You'll be charged for the whole quarter and for each following quarter of that academic year.

Q: How do I cancel CruzCare?

You can only cancel CruzCare if you signed up during the waiver process. Please fill out the paperwork and submit it to the Student Health Insurance Office.