The following are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the UC SHIP insurance plan

General Questions

Financial Aid


Enrollment / Card

General Questions

Q: Why is health insurance required at UCSC?
A: The UC Regents mandate that all students have health insurance coverage.

Q: How much is it? 
 Fees for Grads, Undergrads, Voluntary, and Dependent plans are all different. Here is the website link with fee information.

  • See "insurance information" link in the left column.

Q: How do I get the health insurance?
A: All enrolled UCSC students automatically get UC SHIP. Submit a waiver request online if you have sufficient insurance and do NOT want UC SHIP.

  • See "insurance information" link in the left column.

Q: What is the cost of the visit? What are the costs of labs, procedures, and meds? What is the cost of an MRI?  
 With UC SHIP, in general it is $0 for a visit. But there may be pharmacy copays and coinsurance for certain products or procedures. Some items and visits have set charges - see our Common Fees form and UC SHIP benefits. However, the fees may not be known until you have been seen/examined and procedures, supplies, laboratory tests, imaging and prescriptions have been ordered and completed. We cannot estimate the price of anything done at other providers’ offices.

Q: Why am I paying the UC SHIP charge?
A: Insurance premium charges are paid to UCSC for UC SHIP. UC SHIP then uses these charges to pay the premiums for full health insurance coverage with Anthem Blue Cross, Anthem Blue View Vision, and Delta Dental PPO.

Q: I opted out of the Student Insurance last year and I want the insurance this year, what do I do? 
 You do not need to do anything to get UC SHIP! All enrolled UCSC students are automatically enrolled in UC SHIP.

Q: What about UC SHIP for UCSC Silicon Valley Students?
A: For students with UC SHIP exclusively attending UCSC Silicon Valley, we have made arrangements so that you will not be required to use UCSC Student Health Services in Santa Cruz. Instead, you can to go to any primary care provider contracted with the Anthem Blue Cross PPO network without a referral from UCSC Student Health Services. If you need a referral to a specialist, your Anthem primary care provider can refer you. You have access to Urgent Care, hospitals, and mental health care using the Anthem network, and you even have a UC Family discount if you use any UC Medical Center. Pharmacy, Vision, and Dental insurance are included in UC SHIP. UCSC Silicon Valley students with UC SHIP will NOT have access to Student Health Services at the UCSC Santa Cruz campus.

Check out the Anthem website to find providers in your area! LINK 

Use the new StudentHealth app through Anthem Blue Cross to access your UC SHIP benefits, ID card, and much more on your mobile device. Search for the StudentHealth app, or print out an ID card by accessing the website from your computer at Check out the webpages below for more information.

Mobile App Instructions page

Q: When will my Form 1095-B be sent?
A: The 1095-B form was mailed out at the end of January by USI (formerly known as Wells Fargo Insurance Services). They will send out another batch of forms at the end of February and one more batch in April. The form was mailed to your local address on file. If you have moved please inform the Registrar's office. If you have questions, contact USI Insurance Services National Customer Service at (800) 853-5899 Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT. Please see UCOP's website for more information on the 1095-B form.

Financial Aid

Q: Can I get financial aid to cover the cost of UC SHIP?
A: If you would like to discuss your options for assistance in covering the cost of UC SHIP premiums, you may contact the UCSC Financial Aid Office.

Q: I have Medi-Cal. What should I do? 
 Most Medi-Cal plans only work in the home county. You may be able to transfer your coverage to Santa Cruz County by contacting your office at home, or you may contact Financial Aid to see if you qualify for a grant to cover UC SHIP.


Q: I need proof of coverage. Where do I go?
A: To get a Letter of Creditable Coverage, contact Wells Fargo Insurance Services

Q: I need a statement saying that I am no longer covered by insurance? 
 To get a Letter of Creditable Coverage, contact Wells Fargo Insurance Services

Q: What does this all mean?
A: UC System-wide Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP):

Excellent, comprehensive coverage, year-round and worldwide, including dental and vision coverage. No fees for most visits at the Student Health Center for illness, injury, preventive care, and immunization visits.*

  • Copays for primary care and specialist care off campus (with a prior written referral): $25, $20 for behavioral health
  • Medications: $5 generic, $25 brand name
  • Excellent coverage for behavioral health care services
  • Copays for chiropractic care, acupuncture, osteopathy, specialists - all with prior written referrals from the Student Health Center
  • Copays for Urgent Care and ER
  • Care starts at the Student Health Center - we are your medical home!
  • Referrals are needed for ALL off-campus care except Urgent Care and ER. Referrals are still needed for specialist care subsequent to Urgent Care or ER visits

*There are fees/coinsurance for laboratory tests sent to offsite labs, for supplies, procedures, and other services not for care of illness or injury. No out-of-pocket charge for contraceptives and preventive care, no pre-existing condition exclusion or waiting period, no lifetime maximum, no pharmacy maximums for 

Enrollment / Card

Q: Can I continue with the student insurance when I am no longer registered?
A: There is a continuation plan available for 1 quarter after graduation for graduated students only if the student was enrolled in UC SHIP the previous quarter. Students who graduate in June are still covered by UC SHIP if they had UC SHIP in the spring quarter, since coverage for spring insurance goes through the summer, up until the start of the next academic calendar year.

  • See Voluntary Plan in the left column

Q: What sort of coverage is there during leaves (L.O.A., withdrawal, planned educational leaves)? 
 Students who have successfully waived out of the Student Health Insurance will not be charged for UC SHIP. If you have not waived UC SHIP, you may be charged the quarterly fee for UC SHIP. If you are withdrawing within the first two weeks of the quarter, students can request that the UC SHIP fee be reversed which will be granted by the Student Health Center Insurance Office. Requests for UC SHIP cancellation will not be granted if the insurance was used. For more information, please contact the Insurance Office by email at

Student Health Insurance (UC SHIP) and Student Health Services: If you are enrolled in UC SHIP in the current quarter or the quarter immediately preceding your withdrawal, you may be eligible to purchase voluntary insurance coverage for a limited period of time.

Voluntary insurance can be purchased by contacting USI directly. There is a 2 quarter limit per academic career as long as you were enrolled in UC SHIP the previous quarter.

  • Students on Planned Educational Leave (2 quarters limit)
  • Graduate students on Filing Fee Status (1 quarter limit)
  • Students who have graduated (1 quarter immediately following graduation only)
  • Dependents of eligible undergraduate or graduate students
  • See the voluntary enrollment form in the left column

Q: How do I get my ID card?
A: Insurance ID cards are now electronic. Get the app for your smart phone! (this may not work for international phones and phone plans). Anyone can get an ID card from the website - see the website link and app site.