CruzCare Information

November 09, 2018

Dear Student,

You have made the wise decision to enroll in the Student Health Center's (SHC) CruzCare access plan, and now that things have settled down a little bit this academic year, we wanted to make sure you were fully aware of all the services that are included in your CruzCare plan as well as the full menu of services offered by Student Health Services.

Information about your CruzCare plan can be found at the following links:

UCSC SHS website:

CruzCare provides *unlimited Student Health Center visits for care of acute illness or acute injury, including in-house Student Health Center laboratory tests and X-rays. For students waiving UC SHIP, CruzCare is the best and most cost effective way to take advantage of the on-campus convenience and college health expertise available at the UCSC Student Health Center. Because the cost of a simple visit for a common student health problem like sore throat, urinary tract infection or sprained ankle exceeds $110 with clinician visit, laboratory or X-ray charges, CruzCare pays for itself with a single visit to the Student Health Center.

What is covered by CruzCare?

* Unlimited Student Health Center visits for care of acute illness or acute injury
* Unlimited in-house Student Health Center laboratory tests for illness or injury
* Unlimited in-house Student Health Center X-ray exams for illness or injury 

     * The care of ongoing/chronic conditions will be sent to your covered off campus provider

What is not covered?

- Off campus care, including referrals for specialty care and laboratory tests sent to the off campus laboratory 
- Administered medications, supplies, and immunizations
- Special or elective procedures and tests
- Routine clearances and health maintenance visits, including physicals and women's health annuals
- Prescriptions and Over-the-Counter medications
- Immunotherapy injections
- Ongoing/chronic conditions

Our Mission

The UCSC Student Health Services mission is to provide high quality services which promote physical and emotional well-being focused on the diverse needs of students.

Our Vision

We strive to create a caring and supportive environment to assist students in improving their physical and emotional well-being to aid in their academic success.

Your Student Health Center provides:

- On Site Primary Care 
- Medical Appointments 
- Same Day Clinic 
- Travel Consultations 
- Nutrition Services
- Pharmacy 
- Optometry 
- Laboratory 
- X-Ray 
- Health Promotion 
- Wellness 
- Screening Services 
- Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

We look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding your CruzCare plan or Student Health Services.  Contact our insurance advocates at