UC SHIP Information

November 09, 2018

Dear Student,

You have made the wise decision to enroll in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) covering Medical, Pharmacy, Dental and Vision. Now that things have settled down a little bit this academic year, we wanted to make sure you were fully aware of all the benefits of your UC SHIP plan. In addition, we want to make you aware of the full menu of services offered by Student Health Services. All your care starts at the Student Health Center (SHC) and a referral from the SHC is REQUIRED for any off-campus care with the exception of urgent or emergency services. If you need specialist care, then our clinicians will provide you a referral. Note: a new referral is required at the beginning of each Fall quarter.

Information about your UC SHIP plan can be found at the following links:

- UCSC SHC website: https://healthcenter.ucsc.edu/billing-insurance/faqs/uc_ship/index.html
- UC SHIP Benefit Booklet: https://healthcenter.ucsc.edu/forms/18-19-benefit-booklet.pdf
- UC SHIP website: http://ucop.edu/ucship/

Information about your ID Card- it's an app for your smart phone.  Find out more at http://healthcenter.ucsc.edu/billing-insurance/insurance_app.html

The following preventive services are provided at the SHC and covered 100%:
- Physicals
- Immunizations
- Women's health annuals
- Contraceptive care and contraception

Live Health Online now available for UCSC students with UC SHIP! Find out more at https://healthcenter.ucsc.edu/billing-insurance/livehealthonline.html

For students who are away from campus, or after hours or weekends when the UCSC Student Health Center is closed, Live Health Online is always available. Our students can have an online appointment on a computer or mobile device with a covered Anthem Blue Cross doctor, counselor or psychiatrist for the same low copay they'd pay for any in-network outside provider. 

Your Student Health Center provides:

- On Site Primary Care 
- Medical Appointments 
- Same Day Clinic 
- Travel Consultations 
- Nutrition Services
- Pharmacy 
- Optometry 
- Laboratory 
- X-Ray 
- Health Promotion 
- Wellness 
- Screening Services 
- Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

We look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding your UC SHIP plan or Student Health Services.  Contact our insurance advocates at insure@ucsc.edu.