UC SHIP Credit error

April 15, 2019

This message went out to some students for credit errors:


Dear Student,
This is to inform you that due to a processing error at Student Health Services, your UCSC student
account (MyUCSC) was erroneously credited for the UC SHIP insurance premium on 4/8/19 in the
amount of $932 for Winter and/or Spring terms. A correction was made on 4/10/19 by reapplying the
premium charge in the amount of $932 to the term(s). The correction was not made until after refunds
had processed on 4/10/19. This may have resulted in you receiving an electronic refund in error.

Please check your account (MyUCSC > My Account) to view this activity. If you received a refund and
now owe UC SHIP insurance charges for Winter or Spring, you may pay via UCSC eBill/ePay.

We apologize for any confusion/inconvenience this may cause. Please contact Student Health Services
at insure@ucsc.edu with any questions.


Robert Antonino
Business Services Director
Student Health Services