Spring Waiver Deadline 3/15/23

Please disregard this message if you already completed a waiver. 

Each year, all students are enrolled in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) automatically. UC SHIP works 24/7 and worldwide, even if you are back home! UC SHIP's comprehensive plan covers medical, behavioral health, pharmacy, vision and dental care.

If you want UC SHIP, you don’t need to do anything further. You’ll be automatically enrolled and billed for your premium. You may qualify for the UC Health Insurance Grant: Our campus also awards the UC Health Insurance Grant to financial aid applicants who qualify and meet all aid deadlines.

The grant covers the cost of University Student Health Insurance (UC SHIP) quarterly premiums. If you waive UC SHIP, you will not be eligible for the grant. The maximum amount of this award is the cost of UC SHIP, but amounts vary depending upon financial need. Awards can be accessed and accepted via your MyUCSC portal.

If you want to use a different insurance plan, you must complete an online insurance waiver by March 15th, 2023. If you want to waive UC SHIP, here’s what to do. Gather your information. You’ll need to upload a picture of the front and back of your insurance card and your Summary of Benefits.

Go to https://healthcenter.ucsc.edu/billing-insurance/index.html#waive and follow the instructions.

Waiver FAQ:

Q. Why do I have to choose a health insurance option?
A. The Regents of the University of California require all students to have health insurance. Read the mandate here: https://healthcenter.ucsc.edu/forms/UC_SHIP_mandate.pdf

Q. What are some of the benefits of UC SHIP? https://healthcenter.ucsc.edu/learn-ucship/index.html
A. UC SHIP has you covered anywhere in the world 24/7/365. With UC SHIP, you can: 1) Visit Student Health Centers near your permanent residence, 2) Use UC Student Health Centers for specialty care with lower out of pocket costs (with referral from SHS), 3) Have telehealth visits with UCSC Student Health providers OR through LiveHealth Online, 4) Work with licensed mental health case managers who help you connect with medical and mental health providers and resources anywhere in the world, 5) Schedule a one-on-one wellness coaching session with health educators at SHOP, 6) No co-pays for off campus mental health visits or through Lyra Health, 7) 24 off campus rideshare trips to your medical or mental health appointments off campus.

Q. When should I waive?
A. To avoid late fees make sure to waive as soon as possible before charges are due on your student account.

Q. What happens after I submit the waiver?
A. Our waiver administrator, Academic HealthPlans (AHP), will audit your waiver to make sure your insurance plan meets Federal and UC requirements. They will contact you if there’s a problem.

Q. What if I miss the waiver deadline?
A: Contact the Insurance Department at insure@ucsc.edu to submit a late waiver. You'll be charged $50.00 if your waiver is accepted. We can't accept late waivers after the following date: March 30, 2023

Q. I’ve already completed a waiver for this academic year. Do I need to complete another waiver?
A. No, not until the next academic year, UNLESS THERE IS A CHANGE TO YOUR INSURANCE.

Q: Why is my waiver in a Pending or Pending Carrier status?
A: Our waiver partner, Academic HealthPlans (AHP), needs more information from you. You have ten business days to edit your answers and resubmit your waiver. If you don’t edit and resubmit your waiver by then, you will be enrolled in UC SHIP for the quarter. You’ll have another opportunity to waive for the next quarter. Here’s what the statuses mean: Pending: To complete your waiver audit, AHP needs additional information from you. Pending Carrier: This means 1) You gave an incorrect answer, and/or 2) Your insurance plan doesn’t meet the waiver criteria.

Q: I did not receive a 'Tentative Approval' or 'Waiver Denied' email after hitting the submit button.
A: You might not have clicked the submit button after the CruzCare enrollment page. Go back to the waiver site to check, click Submit until you receive notification that Your Waiver has been Received, you will also receive email notification.You have until the end of the waiver period to check and see that your waiver was submitted. If you don’t click the submit button and resubmit your waiver by the waiver deadline then you will stay on UC SHIP for the quarter. You’ll have another opportunity to waive during the next quarter.

Q. What if I have more waiver questions?
A. You can contact the UCSC Student Health Insurance Office at insure@ucsc.edu