All currently registered undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to use all our services. You will be asked to present your current student ID card when requesting services. Students who do not have UC SHIP or CruzCare will be charged for medical visits, lab and X-ray. All students are charged for immunizations, outside lab, medications and procedures. All fees incurred during your visit will be billed to your student account.

Statement of Reciprocal Services—University of California Student Health Centers

The Student Health Center (SHC) at each University of California campus gladly offers reciprocal access to SHC services to currently registered students from all other UC campuses under the same conditions that apply to its own students who are not enrolled in its campus Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP).  Students enrolled in their campus SHIP may receive special discounts, benefits or services at their home campus Student Health Center.  These special, campus-funded arrangements will not apply at another UC campus. Additional paperwork is required for Reciprocity students please arrive early for your appointment(s).

For more information contact the Student Health Insurance office.