Responses to your comments and suggestions on UCSC Student Health Services


In response to student feedback, Student Health Services which includes the Medical Services, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and Student Health Outreach Program (SHOP) is sharing some updates on our services:



  • SAME DAY appointments were implemented a few years ago to improve access and lessen wait times.  If a student walks into the clinic and is ill or injured, that person is triaged for immediate care based on severity.  Students with less severe illness will be provided a same day appointment later in the day. Students may call for a same day appointment as well.  Our surveys for the medical clinic show that we see 90% of students within 24 hours of a request for an appointment for illness or injury
  • For continuity of care, we endeavor to make appointments for students with the same clinician they usually see or a clinician that they have already seen or one who has expertise in a certain area
  • The Same Day Care Clinic is least busy first thing in the morning but appointments are available in the afternoon as well to meet your scheduling needs around classes
  • There will always be longer wait times from noon to 1pm when we rotate our staff for their lunches, but the same day clinic continues to care for the more severe cases during the 12-1 time block
  • Some medical care requires more time, especially if the patient needs suturing, splinting, IV hydration, Laboratory or Radiology procedures. This may result in less ill students waiting longer while the more severely ill students are treated
  • ROUTINE APPOINTMENTS – There is much less waiting with a designated routine appointment and we believe continuity of care with the same health care provider enhances quality and saves you time
  • Feeling rushed? Or have more health care needs than can be addressed on your initial visit?  Initial appointment visits are scheduled for 20 minutes but follow up visits can be blocked for additional time depending on the need. For continuity of care, your health care provider will provide you with a Follow up Appointment Request slip and can designate additional time for your next visit if needed
  • Counseling and Psychological Services– CAPS has streamlined the intake system to reduce the wait list for counseling services.  Students are then assigned an appointment with a specified counselor, as identified and linked in the intake process. Individual, couples, and group visits are available for brief therapy as well as crisis evaluations.  Services are confidential and are free for registered students


  • Some of our appointments can be made on-line such as Optometry appointments. Go to our Home Page and log in to Health e-Messenger
  • Call 831-459-2500 to make a medical appointment or an optometry appointment
  • Call 831-459-2628 to make a CAPS appointment
  • Call 831-459-5142 to make an Contact for a dental appointment
  • More appointments are available on a same day basis vs. appointments for future visits
  • After hours care information is available on our website and at every entrance to the SHC.  Students can use the After Hours Nurse Advice line or the CAPS Protocall line
  • We are open weekdays while the University is in session


  • We provide on-line private check in for your appointments and maintain strict confidentiality of your services and your private health information per FERPA and HIPAA requirements


  • To enhance and measure the quality of our services, we continually survey students.  You may receive an electronic notification for Survey Monkey from the Student Health Services for CAPS, for Medical visits, and for UC-wide Benchmarking surveys for Medical visits and Pharmacy visits
  • Students can also write a “Quick Comment” to communicate anything – good or bad - to our management or email us at


  • We are WiFi enabled
  • We use an electronic medical record that is shared among the clinical care areas including medical, CAPS, pharmacy, dietitian, optometry, laboratory and X-ray
  • Many health clearances can be accomplished on-line, like initial Education Abroad Program clearances
  • Some of our appointments can be made on-line and for comprehensiveness, we encourage students to use our Health-e Messenger to acknowledge privacy, add your health history, add your immunizations, see and respond to messages from your clinician, request prescription refills and see your billing statements
  • Students can check in for appointments at computer kiosks in our lobbies
  • Questionnaires and Surveys may be needed prior to your appointment.  These should be done privately at home or at SHS’ prior to your appointment via iPad


  • Women can get contraceptives started by seeing a nurse and returning for an appointment with a clinician – ask for a COPE (contraceptive options prior to exam) appointment!
  • Flu shots are available from the pharmacist as well as in our clinic
  • Optometry Services are now available in our clinic
  • Dental Services are provided by Onsite Dental.  They are not part of Student Health Services but we have arranged to have them on campus.  They are located in front of OPERS.  You can find out more on our website.  Onsite Dental is available for students, faculty and staff
  • Anonymous HIV testing is done in SHOP
  • Self-directed STI tests can be done by filling out an evaluation from our website and going directly to the Student Health Center Laboratory without the need for a physical examination by a health care provider.  Some students need additional testing beyond what is provided by the Lab.  See the Swab It board in the Basement Lobby to determine if you need to see a clinician


  • Health insurance provided by UCSC is part of a UC wide plan, called UC SHIP and there is no deductible for care provided at Student Health Services
  • There are currently no additional charges or copays for office visits for illness and injury, nor for in-house laboratory tests or X-rays
  • Procedures performed at the SHC do incur additional costs, as do health clearances, supplies and medications
  • Laboratory tests sent out to our reference lab have a 15% coinsurance.  Those fees will go onto the student bill (AIS) after the visit.  You can check to see if you have any fees assessed by checking Health e-Messenger securely online
  • Generic medications have a low $5 monthly copay and brand name medications have a $25 copay. Contraceptives and other ACA required products have $0 copays
  • UC SHIP covers transgender services including hormonal and surgical treatments


  • All parking on campus is under the auspices of Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) and payment is required in all parking spots


  • We are LGBTQI friendly – please share your preferred name and pronoun.  We take every effort to use preferred names and pronouns and we document those in our electronic medical record
  • We provide a safe space for everyone. We take every effort to provide patient centered, comprehensive care as well as continuity of care with clinicians who have expertise in specific areas


  • Bathrooms can be found on Floor 1 West Wing near the windows and gender neutral single user bathrooms can be found in the basement and in  the East Wing next to SHOP.  All are ADA approved bathrooms
  • We provide accessible, comfortable, supportive furniture available in our lobbies to address the needs of all of our patients
  • This building was originally built in 1970 to take care of up to 5,000 students and was modeled after military health services.  Much has changed – including a significant privacy requirement and of course many more students.  The students voted on referenda that allowed for a significant remodel and upgrade to your Student Health Center which is now a GOLD LEED Certified Building!