SHS Orientation: Required Immunizations and Screenings


Section 2: Requirements - Immunization and TB Screening 

The University of California Regents require all students on all UC Campuses to have certain vaccinations. The required vaccinations prevent serious diseases that spread easily. Vaccinations protect your health and the health of our UCSC community. Read the University of California’s memo on the mandatory vaccination and tuberculosis screening policy. 

All students also need screening for tuberculosis (TB). These requirements are all part of our commitment to keeping you and our UCSC community free of communicable diseases.

When a student has all their immunizations and has completed  the TB screening, they’re considered “compliant” with the requirements. If you don’t meet these requirements, you will be prevented from registering for classes. There are  no exceptions except medical exemptions. Learn more about the UC medical exemption policy here. 

Health e-Messenger: Your Connection to SHS

To show that you have met these requirements, you must use Health e-Messenger to share your information with us and upload immunization records. The Health Center uses a secure message system with an extra layer of protection to make sure we keep conversations about personal health information private. We call our system “Health e-Messenger.” You must use the Health e-Messenger system to communicate with the Student Health Center so that your information stays private. To meet the vaccination and tuberculosis screening requirements, log into and submit information using the Health e-Messenger system at  

What’s the deadline?

You need to meet these requirements before you come to campus. If you’re an international student and unable to get a vaccination at home, you can come to an SHS vaccination clinic when you arrive at UCSC.

How do I get started?

  1. Visit UCSC’s Immunization and TB Screening site.
  2. Read the instructions and watch the video. They will show you how to gather your immunization records and use Health e-Messenger.
  3. Log into Health e-Messenger and enter your information.
  4. If you will be under 18 when you get to campus, please also complete the Consent for Care of Minor form. Submit your complete form using Health e-Messenger.
  5. . Select “Messages,” then “New Messages” and “Medical Records Form Submission.” 

What if I can’t find my immunization records?

If you think you were vaccinated but don’t have records, you can get “titers” (blood tests) to determine your immunity. The test results will show if you are immune to specific diseases. If you are not immune, you will need to get the required vaccinations.  Ask your healthcare provider about titers before you come to campus. The Student Health Center can also do the titers, but the costs depend on whether you have UC SHIP. 

Don’t worry, we can help if you have questions. Just use Health e-Messenger to contact the Immunization Clinician.

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