Flu Vaccines Now Required by 11/1/20

Flu vaccine requirements infographic. Click for PDF.

As of Fall Quarter 2020, all students (on-campus and off-campus) are required to get a flu vaccine by November 1, 2020. See the University of California’s Student FAQs about the flu vaccine requirement for more information.

Your flu vaccine will meet the requirement only if you received it after August 1, 2020. A vaccine from an earlier date will not meet the requirement.

You won’t be able to enroll in classes without proof of your flu vaccine, so your flu vaccine is extremely important!

SHC will have vaccine clinics on campus and will announce clinic dates soon. You can also go to off-campus pharmacies to get your flu vaccine.

Thank you, Slugs! Your vaccine contributes to the health of the UCSC community and UC students all over California and beyond.