Questions about Prescriptions

Photo by Carolyn Lagattuta.

Transferring Prescriptions

How can I transfer my prescriptions to the UCSC Student Health Center Pharmacy?

  • If you do not have UCSHIP it may not be in your best interest to transfer your prescriptions here
  • Contact our pharmacy (831) 459-2360
  • Provide your name, student ID number, date of birth and phone number
  • Provide the name and phone number of the pharmacy where your prescription currently resides
  • Provide name(s) of the medications and your prescription number (if possible) 

Note: it is advisable to transfer all the medications at once if you have more than one prescription to transfer

How can I transfer my prescription(s) from the UCSC Student Health Center Pharmacy to another pharmacy?

The pharmacists can transfer any remaining refills on your prescription from our pharmacy to the pharmacy of your choice. You need to:

  • contact your pharmacy and have them call us
  • we will transfer all of your remaining refills to that pharmacy 

What if I don't have any refills left?

We can contact your clinician for a new prescription. You need to:

  1. Contact our pharmacy
  2. Give your name, phone number and date of birth
  3. Give us your clinicians name, phone and fax numbers (if possible, but we need at least one of the numbers)
  4. Give us the name(s) of the medication requested and any other instructions


Will my insurance work at the pharmacy??

The UCSC Pharmacy only accepts the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP). Most prescriptions have a copay: $0 for contraceptives, $5 for generic, $25 for brand, and $40 for non-formulary products. Some exceptions do occur.

We can help you select a convenient off-campus pharmacy that will take your other insurance, or you may pay the cost of your prescription and seek reimbursement from your insurance company.

Refilling Prescriptions

How do I refill my prescription?

To ensure that your prescription is waiting for you upon arrival:

  • Call our Refill line in advance at 831-459-1546.
  • Use the Health e-Messenger to request a refill.

Or you can just come to the pharmacy window and we will help you then.

Most prescriptions are filled promptly. However at times physician offices may need to be contacted for additional refills, or the pharmacy may need to order a medication. Please allow time for these situations.

Picking Up Prescriptions

When can I pick up my prescription?

You may call in a request for your prescription or use the Health e-Messenger to request a refill. Usually a 24-hour notice is appreciated; this gives us time to call physicians if needed. Your prescription will be filled and ready for you to pick up the following day at the least.We can text message you as a reminder that your prescription is ready for pick up. We do not fill your prescription until you contact us with the date to be filled or you arrive at the pharmacy window.

Can I have someone else pick up my prescription?

For privacy reasons, we can only dispense medication to the intended patient. However, if you give express permission to someone else, usually in writing (send a note with them) or by contacting us by phone, then that designated person can pick up your prescription.