Pharmacy Services

Photo by Carolyn Lagattuta.

Services Offered

  • Prescriptions filled from any clinician in USA. (Some exceptions where CA Law is more stringent)
  • Prescription transfers  to and from our pharmacy
  • Contraception (pill, patch, ring, diaphragm)
  • Emergency Contraception (EC) and counseling
  • Over-the-Counter medications (OTC's), Traditional & Integrative
  • Books, meditation tapes, and gifts
  • Safe disposal of unused medications and sharps
  • Drug information
  • Integrative / Herbal References
  • Refreshments including fresh fruit, organic snacks and cold drinks
  • Safe-sex supplies for the Condom Co-op
  • Specialty gift boxes
  • Text Messaging to alert when prescriptions are available for pick up
  • Nonprescription Sale of Syringes - for the UCSC Community - The UCSC Student Health Services Pharmacy sells syringes and needles to the UCSC campus community without a prescription.  Additionally, we provide approved personal sharps containers for proper disposal of sharps, and our Pharmacy collects the full sharps containers.
  • Naloxone Nasal for Use in Opioid Overdose - Pharmacists at the UCSC Student Health Services Pharmacy provide naloxone nasal kits to interested individuals for opioid overdoses.  The kit contains instructions, 2 naloxone prefilled syringes, 2 nasal adapters, and a handout. The handout discusses the reduction in harm from opioids, the signs of an overdose and the actions to take if an overdose is suspected.  It also lists the names of opioid drugs, including heroin.  Instructions: If an overdose is suspected, call 911 and state that there is an unresponsive person.  Open the person's airway and start rescue breathing if the person is not breathing. Follow any further instructions from the 911 dispatcher. The 2ml naloxone syringe kit needs to be put together and the nasal adaptor is added where a needle would usually be used.  Then spray 1ml (half the contents) into each nostril.  If there is no positive effect after 3 minutes, repeat the administration of nasal naloxone with the second naloxone syringe.  Stay with the person for at least 3 hours or until help arrives.  Note: there are no side effects to naloxone and no ramifications if the medication was administered and the person had not used opioids. Naloxone Fact Sheet