Pharmacy Services

Photo by Carolyn Lagattuta.

Services Offered

  • Prescriptions filled from any clinician in USA. (Some exceptions where CA Law is more stringent)
  • Prescription transfers  to and from our pharmacy
  • Contraception (pill, patch, ring, diaphragm)
  • Emergency Contraception (EC) and counseling
  • Over-the-Counter medications (OTC's), Traditional & Integrative
  • Books, meditation tapes, and gifts
  • Safe disposal of unused medications and sharps
  • Drug information
  • Integrative / Herbal References
  • Refreshments including fresh fruit, organic snacks and cold drinks
  • Safe-sex supplies for the Condom Co-op
  • Specialty gift boxes
  • Text Messaging to alert when prescriptions are available for pick up
  • Naloxone Nasal for Use in Opioid Overdose
  • Nonprescription Sale of Syringes - for the UCSC Community - The UCSC Student Health Services Pharmacy sells syringes and needles to the UCSC campus community without a prescription.  Additionally, we provide approved personal sharps containers for proper disposal of sharps, and our Pharmacy collects the full sharps containers.