COVID-19 : Student Workers

Sammy the Slug wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer.If you're a student employee of UCSC who works on campus/onsite, here's what you'll need to do for COVID-19 symptom checks.

In general, you will follow the procedures on the COVID-19 Student Information page.

However, you will have an extra step because you are also an employee.

In addition to the Health e-Messenger reminders that all on-campus students receive, you will receive the Faculty/Staff Qualtrics reminders as well.

Please complete both each day. We ask you to complete both surveys because we need your information not only for student-oriented processes, but for employee-oriented processes like Worker's Compensation.

Thank you so much for taking this extra step and helping us protect your health and the health of your fellow students and colleagues.

Remember that in addition to all buildings and spaces within the UCSC campus boundaries, “campus” also includes off-site locations for UCSC-sponsored programs, meetings, and field research.

Make sure you've read the information on these pages: