UC Education Abroad Program

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By appointment

Please check in at main lobby of the Student Health Center

Appointments: 831.459.2500
FAX: 831.459.3546

University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) and Natural Reserve System Program (NRS) Health Clearance Instructions


  • MANDATORY: complete the health clearance process either through the UCSC Student Health Center or your private physician. This must be done by the UCEAP stipulated deadline.
  • Students can complete their UCEAP Health Clearance process on-line at the Student Health Center's web site. There is a $20 fee which will be charged to your university account. UCSHIP Insurance does not cover this fee.
  • Some countries REQUIRE the health clearance come from the student health center, check with your EAP Advisor for specifics about your destination country.
  • There may be additional requirements such as a travel consult, immunizations, prescriptions, lab work, Chest X-Ray, EKG and/or a physical exam. These can be done at the the Student Health Center. Fees are charged.
  • **The Affordable Care Act requires all individuals to carry health insurance with minimum coverage requirements. If you have questions access the UCEAP website at: http://www.eap.ucop.edu/Documents/Insurance/ACA_UCEAP_Insurance_Information.pdf and / or see this link http://www.bcbs.com/already-a-member/coverage-home-and-away.html for UC SHIP coverage abroad.

Step 1: Complete and submit the online UCEAP Travel Health History Clearance Form by the stipulated deadline but no later than 60 days before departure

(Note: this is NOT the same Health History Form you complete for the Student Health Center)

  • It is recommended but not required to have your immunization record to complete this form. You may need to check with your parents, Family, physician or high school for your immunization records. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING YOUR IMMUNIZATIONS PLEASE CALL THE TRAVEL NURSE AT:(831)459-2636.
  • Log into your secure Health e-Messanger account to complete and submit the Education Abroad Program Travel Health History Clearance.

Health e-Messenger

  • First-time users must read and acknowledge the Student Health Center Notice of Privacy Practices.
  • Log in and select Messages (DO NOT SELECT FORMS)
  • Select New Messages
  • Select Education Abroad Program **(Travel Health History CLEARANCE Form)
  • Complete the Education Abroad Travel Health History Clearance on-line form.
    • Be open and candid about your health issues.  You must inform the University-wide Office of UCEAP of any recent medical or special needs or changes in your health occurring before the start of the UCEAP program. UCEAP will use this information to help determine if adequate medical or other resources are available in your program abroad.
  • Once completed, print out and make several copies of your Education Abroad Program Travel Health History Clearance form.
    • Take several copies abroad with you. This information will be the only health information abroad in case you need medical attention.
    • DO NOT send it to UCEAP or give it to your UCEAP advisor.


Step 2: Wait for an email message from the UCSC Student Health Center to pick up your UCEAP Health Clearance paperwork. READ THIS MESSAGE CAREFULLY! It will advise you of all other requirements for your program.

  •  If you are seeing a specialist for any new or on-going medical or psychological conditions each specialist must approve and sign the health clearance form and provide legible contact information or the form will be returned.
  • After getting cleared by your specialist, you will need final clearance from a UCSC clinician. After you obtain our specialist's approval and signature make an appointment at the Student Health Center for final UCEAP clearance. Call (831)459-2500 to set up an appointment
  • Bring all both copies of the UCEAP Health Clearance Form to the Student Health Center appointment.
  • If you have not received a message from the Student Health Center in 14 days, please send a secure message to the EAP Clinician via Health e-Messenger


Step 3: Pick up and Mail your UCEAP Health Clearance Form

  • Pick up your signed and completed UCEAP Health Clearance form from the Medical Records Department at the Student Health Center. Have your student ID in hand.
  • Mail the completed, signed Health Clearance form to UCEAP at:

6950 Hollister Avenue, Suite 200
Goleta, California, 93117-5823

  • UCEAP must receive the form no later than 60 days before your departure.
  • Do not mail your copies of the Confidential Health History form.
  • Note: The UCSC Student Health Center will not mail or fax your clearance form.

Step 4: Complete other requirements that may be required by your host university or country. (physical exam, lab work, chest s-ray, TB test, immunizations etc.) 

You will be advised of any additional requirements of your host university in the secure message from the Student Health Center. Remember, the Student Health Center Travel Clinic offers these services for a fee. Most of these services are covered by USHIP. To set up an appointment, please call (831)459-2500.


Step 5: Complete the UCEAP on-line Travel Health Education Certification Course if it is required for your chosen country.

To help students plan a safe and healthy travel experience, UCEAP (University-wide Office of UCEAP) REQUIRES this travel health education course for certain countries. http://eap.ucop.edu/Documents/_forms/1920/PDC/online_travel_course_instructions.pdf

All students are encouraged to research their destination country at:

Make and appintment for a Travel Health Consult if it is recommended for your destination

  • Make this appointment with the Student Health Center, your private insurance provider or local travel clinic as soon as possible.
  • To schedule an appointment at the UCSC Student Health Center call (831)459-2500 and ask for a UCEAP Travel Health Consult appointment.
  • A Travel Health Consult appointment may include:
    • Suggestions for maintaining your health abroad after review of your medical history.
    • Discussion of required and recommended vaccines after a review of your immunization records.
    • Discussion of country specific travel health risks and recommendations.
    • Providing prescriptions for anti-malarial medication and antibiotic for travelers' diarrhea
  • Travel immunizations should be started a minimum of 1 month before departure for UCEAP. Several appointments may be needed to complete all required and recommended immunizations
  • Proof of Yellow Fever immunization is required for entry into many countries in Africa, Central & South America.
  • Yellow Fever immunizations must be given a minimum of 10 days before your entry into the country.