All New Students:

Starting fall 2016 all incoming students will be required to meet the UC Immunization and Tuberculosis (TB) risk screening compliance. 


1. Gather your vaccine records and COMPARE THEM TO THE VERY SPECIFIC UC Immunization requirements found on this link:

SUBMISSION OF THESE FORMS ALONE does not guarantee compliance; dates and immunization intervals have very specific requirements.

2.  Logon to Health e-Messenger at to enter your data. All communications regarding Immunization and TB Risk Screening must be via this website for your privacy. DO NOT SEND ANY INFORMATION OR QUESTIONS VIA E-MAIL.

Healthy Messenger

To achieve compliance YOU MUST ENTER YOUR DATA VIA THE  Health e-Messenger site, faxing or emailing your records does not meet compliance.

TO CHECK YOUR COMPLIANCE: After submitting, validate that your information meets the specific requirements; On Health e-Messenger go to immunization > Compliance Details.

DEADLINES: To protect the campus community all immunizations should be completed prior to arrival on campus. The TB risk screening process should be completed by mid August for Fall incoming students.

QUESTIONS AFTER CHECKING COMPLIANCE: Contact the Immunization Provider via Health e-Messenger (navigate to messages > reply). FOR HEALTH PRIVACY REASONS DO NOT SUBMIT ANY QUESTIONS VIA PHONE OR E-MAIL.

Please review the following supporting documentation prior to contacting the Student Health Center: