SHS Orientation: Overview

Section 1: Welcome to UCSC Student Health Services (SHS)! 

The mission of UC Student Health Services is to keep you healthy so you can succeed academically. Being healthy is the foundation of your academic success. SHS is here for you not just when you’re sick, but also to help your mind and body thrive! Our healthcare providers and staff really care about your well-being. 

What can I do at the health center?

Students see us when they:
  • are sick or injured
  • need immunizations and wellness care
  • want contraception and family planning
  • have mental health concerns
  • want a full service pharmacy for prescriptions
  • need on-site lab tests or X-rays
  • want a vision exam
  • are seeking help with special needs or complex health questions
  • need professional guidance for dietary needs

What are all the healthcare requirements for new students?

Students on campus must meet three important health requirements. You must submit proof of:
  1. Immunizations
  2. Tuberculosis Risk screening
  3. Health insurance

In addition, if you’ll be under 18 when you arrive on campus, you and your parents will need to complete a Consent for the Care for Minor form. 

These requirements are not optional. If you don’t take care of them, you won’t be allowed to attend classes since a hold will be placed on your registration, and you will be prevented from registering for classes. 

Start taking care of these requirements now. We’ll talk more about them in the next modules.

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