Health Information Management

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Student Health Services

Health Information Management 
Phone: (831)459-3063
Fax: (831)459-3546 

The Health Information Management handles all student medical records from Student Health Services.

Q. What form should I use to request my records?

A. There are two ways:

  • For active students: You can complete the Medical Records Release Form online with Docusign. First, sign up with Docusign using your UCSC email account. Once complete, you'll check your UCSC email for a confirmation email that will take you to the Medical Records Release form. You can then complete the form online.
  • For all other students: Complete the Medical Records Release Form and sign it. Make sure that you sign it, not a family member or medical professional.

Q. How do I return the Medical Records Release Form to you?

A. See below for options:

  • Active students who used Docusign: After you've completed the form on Docusign, click "Finish." We'll receive your form.
  • All other students who didn't use Docusign: do not email us your form. It's not secure and we can't accept emailed forms. Instead, use one of the methods below to return your signed form:
    • Log into Health e-Messenger with your username and gold password. On the left sidebar, select New Message, click on Medical Records Form Submission. Scan the form, then attach it to your message. Click Send.    
    • Fax it to (831) 459-3546.
    • Mail it to UCSC Student Health Services, Health Information Management, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz CA 95064.
    • Drop it off at the Student Health Center.

Q. When will you process my request?

A. Within 15 business days.

Q. Where can I find and print the immunization records I've submitted?

A. Log on to Health e-Messenger at using your username and gold password. On the left sidebar, select Immunizations. Your records display there and you can print the page for your records.

Q. How long do you keep my records?

A. After your last visit, we keep your medical records for 10 years before securely destroying them.

Q. How do I change my personal details (name, date of birth, gender, pronouns, or preferred name)?

A. See instructions for updating your personal information at the Office of the RegistrarPersonal Information FAQs. You may need to complete forms for certain changes. We'll receive your changes within a day or two.  

Questions about subpoenas? Serve subpoenas directly to the Chancellor's Office. If you have any questions about subpoenas contact Information Practices in the Chancellor's Office (831)459-4003 or Campus Counsel's office (831) 459-1848.