UCSC Pharmacy

Hours, Location & Contact

  • Hours: See Hours and Location
  • Location: Student Health Center, East Wing 1st floor, on McLaughlin Drive across from Colleges 9 and John R. Lewis College.
  • Email: Send us a secure message through Health e-Messenger.
  • Direct Pharmacy Phone: (831) 459-2360
  • Prescription Refill Line: (831) 459-1546 
  • Fax: (831) 459-3564 

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Prescriptions for UC SHIP Students
Over-the-Counter Health Supplies for All Students and Staff

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Prescriptions for UC SHIP Students

If you have UC SHIP, the UCSC Student Health Center Pharmacy can refill prescriptions, fill new prescriptions, or transfer prescriptions to another pharmacy. The UCSC Pharmacy has the lowest prescription copays for students with UC SHIP. Our pharmacists can work with an off-campus pharmacy to transfer your prescriptions to the Student Health Center Pharmacy.

Prescription Refills

To reorder, choose one of these three options:

  • Use Health e-Messenger to request a refill. Go to Messages<New Messages<Prescription Refill Request/Transfer Request and complete the form.
  • Call our Prescription Refill line at (831) 459-1546.
  • Come to the pharmacy window.
  • You may be able to get more than one refill at a time if you have more allowed refills left.

Prescription Transfers and Off-Campus Prescription Refills

  • Transferring to the UCSC PharmacyUse Health e-Messenger to request a transfer. Go to Messages;New Message;Prescription Refill Request/Transfer Request and complete the form. You will need the current pharmacy's name and phone number as well as your medication name.
  • Transferring from UCSC to another pharmacy: If the UCSC Pharmacy filled your prescriptions, you can get them refilled at any pharmacy that accepts Optum PBM (UC SHIP's pharmacy benefits program). This includes Safeway, Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid, and most independent pharmacies. Ask your pharmacy to call us at (831) 459-2360. We will transfer all of your remaining refills. 

Prescription Pick-Up

Prescriptions are typically available for pickup within 48 hours. We can text message you when your prescription is ready for pick up. Once you receive a notification, you will have 7 days to pick up your medication. If you want someone else to pick up your prescription for you, contact us.


Contraceptives including pills, patches, rings, injections, IUDs, and implantable products require a prescription. You can submit a request for pills, patches, and rings through our online program from the UCSC Student Health Center which does not require an in person appointment. 

Emergency contraception is available without a prescription at the Pharmacy. Other non-prescription contraceptives (condoms and other safer sex supplies) are available at SHOP's Condom Co-op and at the Pharmacy.

Read our Contraception FAQs to learn about what to do if you experience side effects, forget to take a pill, run out of pills, or want to use emergency contraception.

Over-the-Counter Health Supplies for All Students and Staff

All students, staff, and faculty are welcome to purchase these items from the Pharmacy:

  • Over-the-counter medications (OTC's) and health supplies: Fill your medicine cabinet with reasonably priced first aid supplies, allergy medication, hygiene items, etc. See the Pharmacy's OTC products (inventory and prices can change).
  • Need a COVID-19 Test? Rapid Antigen Self-Test kits are available for purchase at the UCSC Pharmacy. Each kit comes with 1 test at a budget-friendly price.

  • Safe disposal of unused medications and sharps: The UCSC Student Health Center Pharmacy has safe and free disposal for your unused and expired medications as well as household sharps (in approved sharps containers). Learn where to drop off your meds and sharps.

  • FREE safer sex supplies for students such as condoms, dental dams and more! 

Fees & Insurance

The UCSC Pharmacy only accepts the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP). Most prescriptions have a copay:

  • $0 for contraceptives
  • $5 for generic prescriptions
  • $25 for brand-name prescriptions
  • $40 for non-formulary products

If you don't have UC SHIP, we can help you choose an off-campus pharmacy that accepts your insurance. 

We accept VISA/MASTERCARD, Apple Pay, and can also bill directly to your student account.

Unfortunately we cannot accept Medi-Cal, but we can help you choose a pharmacy that does.

Please also see our fee disclaimer.


Pharmacy Benefits: Covered Medications for Optum RX, UC SHIP’s Pharmacy Benefits plan