Travel Clinic Appointments

Congratulations on your upcoming journey! Traveling can be an incredible benefit to your education. To stay healthy while traveling, you may need immunizations or medical advice. The student health center offers nurse travel consultations for students studying abroad and for personal travelYour travel visit appointment includes:

1. A review of required and recommended vaccines and medications as needed for prophylaxis; such as travelers diarrhea, malaria etc. 
2. Advice regarding safe food and beverage precautions, health and safety, and mosquito precautions. 
3. A detailed report that is country-specific based on your itinerary.

If you would like a travel visit, please call (831) 459-2500 to schedule an appointment with a nurse as soon as possible. Immunization series may take several weeks to complete, please plan accordingly.

Travel Health Clearances for UCEAP Travel, UCSC Global Seminars, UCSC Global Internships and UCSC Partner Programs

You need to get a health clearance certificate in order to travel through UCEAP, UCSC Partner Programs, UCSC Global Internships and UCSC Global Seminars. You can choose to use the UCSC Student Health Center or your private physician. Some countries require health clearance certificates to come from the Student Health Center. Check with your travel advisor for specifics about your destination country.

Your UC SHIP covers the cost of travel visits and vaccines. There will be a $33 certificate fee for all students. Students without UC SHIP should verify coverage with their off campus primary care provider, to learn about coverage for these services. There will be a fee for non-SHIP services. 

Follow the next steps to get this certificate.

Step One: Complete and Submit the Travel Health History Clearance Form Select Messages, then New Messages, then: UCEAP: Select EAP-Travel Health History Clearance Form UCSC Global Seminars, UCSC Partner Programs, and UCSC Global Internships: Select UCSC Global Seminars & UCSC Global Partner Programs Travel Health History Clearance Form Complete the online form and click Send.

Be open and candid about your health issues. If you don’t provide complete and accurate information, you may not be allowed to travel. 

Log into your Health e-Messenger account:

  1. First-time users must read and acknowledge the Student Health Center Notice of Privacy Practices.
  2. Select Messages; New Messages; then select Travel Health History Clearance Form.
  3. Complete the online form and click Send.

The Student Health Center staff will review your Confidential Health History within 14 days. You will receive a message with further instructions or if there is additional information needed from you.

Seeing a private provider? 

Here are PDFs of the health clearance forms if you plan on getting cleared by your own doctor.

If you see an outside specialist or primary care provider, fill out and print your Confidential Health History Form and take the appropriate clearance form to your provider. Note regarding specialists: If you are seeing a specialist for any new or ongoing medical or psychological conditions, each specialist must approve and sign the health clearance certificate and provide legible contact information.

Step Two: Get Your Health Clearance Certificate paperwork

UCSC Health Information Management will send an electronic copy of your clearance certificate through Health e-Messenger. 

Step Three: Submit your Health Clearance Certificate

Once you receive your completed clearance form, you must do the following no later than 60 days before your departure:

  • UCEAP: Open your UCEAP Portal and view instructions for submitting your Health Clearance Form in the Pre-Departure Requirements section.
  • UCSC Global Seminars, UCSC Partner Programs, and UCSC Global Internships: Once you receive your electronic Health Clearance Certificate from the Student Health Center, please download the document and upload it to the Student Health Clearance Pre-departure module on the Global Learning Portal.

Travel Through Other UCs (Davis Quarter Abroad, Davis Summer Abroad, etc.)

Travel through other UCs also requires health clearance certificates and preparations. Students traveling through other UC sponsored programs (e.g. UC Davis Summer Abroad) can receive their travel clearances at UCSC Student Health Center. To get started, bring the paperwork required by your program to Health Information Management at the Student Health Center in person. This process can take up to two weeks, so please plan accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Where do I find the online travel course required for my program?

A: Visit UCEAP Health and Safety course.

 More information on Country specific guidelines