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Basement Health Center

Lab results can be electronically sent to you using our Health e-Messenger system.

Lab Services

  • In-house laboratory tests including complete blood count, urinalysis, mononucleosis and pregnancy testing.
  • Reference laboratory tests (special tests sent out to another laboratory)
  • Phlebotomy
  • Tests can be ordered from the Student Health Center clinicians or outside clinicians

Fasting Instructions:

If your clinician asks you to fast before having your blood drawn, do not eat for 12 hours. You may have water only. No juice, coffee or tea

Laboratory Test Results

Normal Results / Secure Messaging
Any lab results from the UCSC Student Health Center (SHC) which contain Private Health Information (PHI) will be sent via Health e-Messenger to the students UCSC e-mail address.

Unless you tell us otherwise, your test results will be sent electronically via SECURE MESSAGING. Students will receive an e-mail at their Slugmail e-mail address, which will direct them to the UCSC Student Health Center’s Secure Messaging site. Students will need to register to receive a log-in and password. These will be different from other university accounts.

 If you have not received a message at your UCSC email account within two weeks, please call 831-459-2591 to request a copy of your test results.  We are not permitted to transmit HIV results electronically.

Abnormal or Unexpected Results 
When the results of laboratory tests are abnormal or unexpected, the SHC makes every effort to contact patients with the information and provide follow up advice and instructions: 

  • Results may be sent via Secure Electronic Messaging (see below) 
  • Results may be called to a student’s phone by the clinician if the number was provided to the clinician

Secure Messaging
Any messages from the UCSC Student Health Center (SHC) which contain Private Health Information (PHI) will be sent via Health e-Messenger

Copy of your results 
If you need a paper copy of your results to bring to another health care provider you will need to fill out a Medical Records Release form or you may get the form in person at the Student Health Center. When you complete the form, mail, fax or bring it back to the Student Health Center.  (The medical records release form must be filled out prior to release of results.) If you have any questions about obtaining your records, please call Medical Records at 831-459-3063Note: this is not a laboratory phone number. Please leave a message that includes: First and last name, SID # and your phone number.


  • SHIP or Cruz Care plans include FREE in-house laboratory tests ordered for illness and injury visits. There is no lab handling fee for these in-house laboratory tests if you have SHIP or CRUZ CARE plans.
  • Full charges for reference laboratory tests (at discounted rates) plus a handling fee will apply for all reference lab tests sent out of the Student Health Center. CRUZCARE does not cover reference lab or handling fees for send out labs. SHIP plans cover 85% of these charges once the annual deductible has been met.
  • Laboratory charges can be billed automatically to the student billing account or may be paid on the day of service at the Student Health Center Pharmacy
  • An itemized bill will be sent to patients to bill their private insurance carriers
  • MEDI-CAL is not accepted at the Student Health Center