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Basement Health Center

Laboratory results can be found in Health e-Messenger.

Lab Services

Self-Ordered Testing 

  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) 
  • Wellness Panel 
  • Self-Ordered TB Blood Test 
  • Drug Testing for Involuntary Sedation ("Date Rape Drugs")
  • Clinician ordered testing (Student Health Center clinicians or outside clinicians)
  • Urine Pregnancy Test 

Getting Lab Work

Once you have either A.) Seen a provider who requested labs or B.) Determined that you want a Self-ordered test, please do the following to complete your lab visit: 

1) Fill out the Lab Questionnaire. This allows the lab to process your results. To fill out the questionnaire, go to your Health e-messenger; Messages; New message; Self-Ordered Testing. Complete the questionnaire and submit.

2) Grab a take home kit from the health center laboratory lobby and follow the enclosed instructions.

3) If you are having blood drawn, schedule an appointment with the lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fasting Instructions:

Do not eat or drink anything other than water for at least 10 hours or more before your blood is drawn. It is important to be well-hydrated when you get your blood drawn. 

Laboratory Test Results

Normal Results / Secure Messaging

Unless you tell us otherwise, your test results will be sent electronically via SECURE MESSAGING. Students will receive an email, which will direct them to the UCSC Student Health Center’s Secure Messaging site. Students will need to register to receive a log-in and password. These will be different from other university accounts.

If you have not received a message regarding your results on your UCSC email account within two weeks, please call 831-459-2500 to request a copy of your test results. We are not permitted to transmit HIV or Hepatitis B results electronically.

Abnormal or Unexpected Results 

When the results of laboratory tests are abnormal or unexpected, the SHC makes every effort to contact patients with the information and provide follow up advice and instructions: 

  • Results may be sent securely through Health e-Messenger.
  • Results may be called to a student’s phone by the clinician if the number was provided to the clinician

Paper Copies of Test Results

If you need a paper copy of your results to bring to another health care provider, visit Health Information Management for more information.


UC SHIP or CruzCare plans include some FREE in-house laboratory tests ordered for illness and injury visits. 

  • Laboratory charges will be billed automatically to your MyUCSC account.
  • If services are provided at the Student Health Center, we waive your deductible for lab tests if you're enrolled in UC SHIP. If you get lab tests done outside of the Student Health Center then your $300 deductible will apply before UC SHIP pays 85% for the lab tests. 

Students who have CruzCare or insurance other than UC SHIP

  • Full charges for reference laboratory (any test performed at an outside laboratory), tests plus a handling fee will apply for all tests sent out of the Student Health Center. CruzCare does not cover reference labs or handling fees for send-out labs and we do not bill private insurance. Please also see our fee disclaimer.

Outside Clinician Ordered Laboratory Tests

We can perform most testing that your outside provider requests. Please note that the laboratory order must contain:

  • The ordering providers name and NPI or license number
  • The date it is ordered (Standing orders must have a from and to date)
  • The ordering providers phone and fax numbers
  • Patient's name and date of birth
  • The laboratory tests ordered
  • Orders are good for 6 months and can only be used one time unless the clinician specifically requests a Standing Order 
  • You may submit your outside lab orders through Health e-Messenger, fax or bring in the paper copy. 

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