Billing Information

Phone: 831.459.4480
Fax: 831.459.3546

Note: Please direct all student insurance inquiries to (i.e. UC SHIP premium charges, waivers, audits, referrals).


All charges are billed to your UCSC student account unless you have made special arrangements to pay at the time of service. This process eliminates the worry of having to pay fees while you are already sick or injured.

We are dedicated to helping patients understand the complex world of insurance billing and are available for any billing questions, concerns, or problems relating to any clinic visits. Our Billing and Insurance Advocates are happy to assist you with all your medical billing and insurance needs.

All registered UCSC students are permitted to use the Student Health Center — even if they have off-campus insurance. The Student Health Center does not directly bill insurance plans other than UC SHIP. If you waive UC SHIP enrollment and use the Student Health Center, you will be personally responsible for paying for that care. Your charges will be billed to your student account.

Billing Policy

Some Student Health Center services are offered without charge to students, funded by your registration fees.

  • Counseling visits
  • Health promotion services, such as the free HIV testing & Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Prevention Program

Students who use the Same Day Clinic and Appointment medical services may be charged fees, depending on their insurance status.

Students with the university-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP), or CruzCare prepaid access, receive unlimited visits for care of illness or injury, including X-rays and laboratory tests done at the Health Center. Charges may include items or services not covered under CruzCare such as administered medications, supplies, and immunizations, laboratory tests sent offsite, and supplies at our pharmacy.

Students with private insurance, and all students receiving elective or preventive care, not for illness or injury (such as routine clearances and physicals), will be charged fees for services. All charges incurred during your visit will be applied to your student account unless you make special arrangements to pay at the time of service.

Electronic itemized statements detailing Student Health Center services may be accessed by logging into the secure online Health e-Messenger system at and clicking on "Account Summary."


The costs for Health Center services are reasonable, often below those charged by comparable community facilities. Our charges are reviewed and approved by the Campus Miscellaneous Fee Committee, which includes student representation.

Charges are billed to a student's UCSC account, along with other campus-related charges, such as registration fees. Students are responsible to clear these charges from their student account; failing to do so can potentially affect your ability to register for classes.

A statement detailing charges, suitable for obtaining insurance reimbursement, can be found online via the Health e-Messenger system under "Account Summary." 

Please arrive on time. A missed appointment fee is $25. Avoid the fee by contacting us BEFORE your appointment starts. 


California law allows students to make a request for confidentiality to their health care service plan (insurer). This request prohibits the insurer from mailing your explanation of benefits and other sensitive personal health information to your parent or guardian's address if you listed it as your mailing address with the insurance company. Use this template to submit a Confidential Communications Request (CCR).