Waiving UC SHIP? Consider CruzCare

CruzCare coverage ensures that students with APPROVED waivers have access to *care of acute illness or acute injury, including some in-house Student Health Center Laboratory tests and all in-house X-rays. The fee is $125.00 per quarter. The fee is applied automatically to the student's account when they select CruzCare. For students waiving UC SHIP, CruzCare is the best and most cost effective way to take advantage of the on-campus convenience and college health expertise available at the UCSC Student Health Center. One visit at the Student Health Center without UC SHIP or CruzCare will cost more than the cost of CruzCare coverage for the entire quarter.

What is Covered by CruzCare

  • Student Health Center visits for care of acute illness or acute injury
  • Student Health Center in-house laboratory tests for some illness or injury, COVID-19 PCR, and Flu testing
  • Student Health Health Center in-house X-ray exams for illness or injury
  • * The care of ongoing/chronic conditions will be sent to your covered off campus provider

What is Not Covered

  • Medical appointments by phone and zoom video/audio (example: medication refills, UTIs, sore throat, acne, STI tests, lab orders, referrals and more). Phone Cost: $66-$155, Zoom video/audio cost: $75-$150
  • Off campus care, including referrals for specialty care and laboratory tests sent to the off campus laboratory
  • Administered medications, supplies, and immunizations
  • Special or elective procedures and tests
  • Routine clearances and health maintenance visits, including physicals and annual exams
  • Prescriptions and Over-the-Counter medications
  • Ongoing/chronic conditions

Enrollment and Deadlines

  • Enrollment in CruzCare is part of the online waiver process. If you were unable to enroll through the online waiver – or you wish to cancel CruzCare, please submit the CruzCare Enrollment/Cancellation Form via fax or email by the posted deadlines
  • Once you enroll, you will be billed each subsequent quarter
  • Only registered students who have successfully waived UC SHIP are eligible to enroll in CruzCare


We will accept one late CruzCare enrollment during your academic career and you will be enrolled for the remainder of the academic year (summer excluded).