Parents and UC SHIP

We’ve shared some details below to help parents and their UCSC students make a decision about health insurance at UCSC.

This is important information because the University of California Regents mandate that all students be covered by a health insurance plan. Because having an insurance plan is required, all students are automatically enrolled in and charged for the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) unless they submit an annual online insurance waiver confirming they have acceptable health insurance coverage. The deadline to submit the waiver for incoming students taking classes in Summer 2023 is June 30 and the annual deadline for incoming Fall start students and continuing students is September 15, 2023. 

The Options

  1. The University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP): It’s student-friendly, convenient, affordable. View the rates and dates breakdown. This platinum plan covers the use of our on-campus same-day clinic as well as telehealth visits, pharmacy, lab, and X-ray services. Students can use UC SHIP no matter where they live, 24/7/365 and it works worldwide, plus covers vision and dental as well as medical, behavioral health and pharmacy, including during breaks and summer. UC SHIP premiums are often included in the student’s financial aid package. Students are billed quarterly for their premium.
  2. Private insurance: Students can also apply to use their own private insurance off campus through an annual online waiver process. If they don’t complete the waiver process, the student will be billed for UC SHIP and they will see the UC SHIP premium on their next student bill. Without a completed waiver, the student will be billed for UC SHIP.
  3. Private insurance plus CruzCare: CruzCare is prepaid access to the Student Health Center. For a modest quarterly fee, students can keep their private insurance and use the Student Health Center services at lower rates. Students can sign up for CruzCare as part of the online waiver process. CruzCare is not insurance and is used for acute illness and injury, not ongoing care.

The Costs

See UC SHIP premiums here. All registered students can use the Student Health Center but fees depend on insurance. Review this comparison chart to get a sense of the cost differences. 

The Deadline

The deadline to make your decision about summer insurance is 6/30/23 and the Fall deadline is 9/15/23. Please make sure you understand this deadline if considering waiving UC SHIP. 

Action Needed

  • If the student wants UC SHIP, no further action is needed. 
  • If the student wants to use their own insurance or use CruzCare, they must complete the online waiver process by the deadline dates above. Otherwise they will be billed automatically for UC SHIP. 

More Information

Visit our Healthcare 101 page for information on how to complete the waiver process, understanding healthcare options and terminology, and info on premiums and other costs. 

What to Remember

  • Health insurance is required.
  • The student can choose what insurance they want to use.
  • The student must either complete the online waiver process if they don’t want UC SHIP, or do nothing if they do want UC SHIP.
  • Without a waiver, your student will be billed for UC SHIP.
  • If your student waives UC SHIP, we strongly recommend purchasing CruzCare, which is prepaid access to the Student Health Center at low UC-SHIP prices.