What is UC SHIP?


Welcome to Your Healthcare, Slugs!

The UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) covers Medical, Pharmacy, Dental and Vision (telehealth or in-person). It's especially for students.

What's Covered?

*100% covered for all students - no copay required

Costs and Financial Aid

See our premium charts and Benefits Booklet for details. You're billed quarterly.

You might already have financial aid to cover UC SHIP premiums. Check your financial aid package for the UC SHIP grant. You will need to accept the grant in order to receive it.

How to Get Started

1. To get UC SHIP, no action is required. You'll be billed to your student account automatically.

2. Download the Sydney Health on the first day of classes. The app has your ID card.

3. When you're ready for a healthcare appointment, schedule at Student Health Center, CAPS, SHOP, or CARE.

If You Don't Want UC SHIP

Some students choose to use their family's insurance instead of UC SHIP. There are three very important things to know if you choose not to use UC SHIP:

  • You need to waive UC SHIP online by the quarterly deadline.
  • If you miss the deadline, you will be charged automatically for UC SHIP.
  • If you don't want UC SHIP but would still like to use the Student Health Center occasionally (for example, if you get sick or injured), choose CruzCare. CruzCare is inexpensive, prepaid access to the Student Health Center. It costs $42/mo or $125 quarterly. To get CruzCare, select the CruzCare option when you waive UC SHIP.

Get Help

QUESTIONS about UC SHIP? Contact us at insure@ucsc.edu or visit the UCSC Billing and Insurance page.