Care Away From Campus

UC SHIP has you covered anywhere in the world 24/7/365

If you’re away from your home campus and need health care

Here's what you need to know:

1.   You have the option to visit student health clinics on any UC campus

The University of California provides “reciprocity” of health care services among UC campuses for all enrolled UC students. 

This means if you’re traveling in California away from your home campus you have the option to seek primary care at any UC student health services clinic. Every UC campus has one.  Just drop in or call and make an appointment.  You pay for medical or behavioral health services up front (or can be billed later) and submit a claim to Anthem for reimbursement. Some campuses may submit a claim for you.  Click here for information on how to file a claim with Anthem.

2.   A few things to remember about reciprocity care!

  • REFERRAL NOT NEEDED: You do not need a referral from your home campus to visit the student health clinic or counseling center on another campus.

Instead, just follow 3 EASY STEPS:

a.  contact or visit the student health center

b.  verify your eligibility under UC SHIP

c.  make an appointment with a clinician

  • BENEFITS: All bills will be paid under YOUR plan’s benefit structure, not that of the host campus.  Your UC SHIP benefit plan design goes with you wherever you travel! All student health clinics are considered “in-network” providers for UC SHIP.
  • FEES: Student health clinics often charge lower rates than community providers, even if they are “network” providers in Anthem’s Prudent Buyer network. Students visiting a host student health center are charged the same fees that the host campus would charge its own students who are not in UC SHIP or their SHIP plan.
  • CONTACT INFO: Go to the website of any UC student health center to find their phone number and campus location:




Los Angeles



San Diego

San Francisco

Santa Barbara

Santa Cruz

Note: UC Hastings does not accommodate visiting students because of limited clinical resources.

3.   UC SHIP members can visit an Urgent Care clinic anywhere in the U.S.

If more convenient, visit an in-network Urgent Care clinic near you. Whether you’re traveling in California or somewhere else in the U.S., you have the option to visit an Urgent Care clinic to get medical attention.  You pay your UC SHIP Urgent Care copayment if you visit a UC Family or network Urgent Care clinic.  Go to or call Customer Service at 1.866.940.8306 to find your nearest network Urgent Care clinic to keep your cost-share low.  Student health referrals are not required for Urgent Care clinic visits.

For primary care or specialist services when you’re traveling, contact your home-campus student health services for a referral.  UC Merced students seek a referral from your primary care clinician.

If you’re experiencing a medical or mental health emergency, go to the nearest emergency facility or hospital for care.  No referral is required for emergency room services worldwide.

4.    BlueCard Worldwide allows you access to network providers overseas

You have a single point of contact 24/7 all year to assist when you are traveling overseas.  Network inpatient services are available with no cash up front.  Outpatient, including Urgent Care services, and professional services are paid up front and you submit a claim to Anthem for reimbursement.  If you’re planning a trip abroad, call 1.800.810.BLUE (2583) to make sure you’re prepared. If you’re calling from outside the U.S., call collect at 804.673.1177 for assistance with finding network providers abroad when you need care.

A note about UC Trips: the University provides a travel accident policy for students traveling on University business. This policy is administered by the UC Office of the President at no additional cost to students.  For more information about this benefit and to register for the program, go to

5.   You have travel resources at your fingertips

If you’re planning a trip, check in with your campus student health services. If you need prescription medication while you’re away or if you have questions about obtaining care while you’re traveling, they can help. See student health services links above and contact the Insurance Office for help. 

Call Anthem Blue Cross Customer Service at 1.866.940.8306 for help finding UC Family and other network providers in California and around the country.  Or log in at to find network providers.


Live Health Online for online access to appointments; Anthem ID needed and fees apply.