Services Overview

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Medical Care During Business Hours

Call 831-459-2500 to schedule a phone or in-person appointment. 

  • In-Person Appointments for Same-Day Care, Labs, and RadiologyAnyone with respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, runny nose, and/or sore throat), must wear a mask when visiting UCSC Student Health
  • Telehealth Appointments: Full medical appointments by telehealth. Open to on-campus and off-campus students. Schedule at Health e-Messenger by choosing Appointments; Schedule an appointment; Student Health Medical Appointments; General Primary Care and then choose the telehealth appointment that you're looking for. Fees: None for UC SHIP, $40-$75 for CruzCare, and $66-$155 for private insurance. These fees apply to Student Health Center medical services only. They do not apply to CAPS. See the CAPS section below for more information about scheduling a mental health appointment.
  • COVID-19 Testing: Where to get a test or vaccine
  • Department of Transportation, (DOT) Physicals
  • Immunizations: available by scheduling through Health e-Messenger.
  • Self-Ordered STI Testing
  • Pharmacy
  • Online Birth Control Consultations: See the Birth Control page.
  • Transgender and Non-Binary Care
  • Nurse Advice Line: Call 831-459-2591.
  • Visitors from other UCs: Are you in Santa Cruz but enrolled at another UC? You can use many of our in-person services. To get started, contact and let them know you want an in-person appointment.

Medical Care After-Hours


See the Nutrition page to learn about the services and how to schedule.


Onsite Dental offers services on the UCSC campus. Learn more at the Onsite Dental page.


Call 831-459-2389 (choose option 2) for an appointment, schedule with Health e-Messenger in the Appointments section, or come by during the Optometry Drop-In Hours.

Insurance and Billing

Email or visit the Billing and Insurance website. Learn more about off-campus UC SHIP benefits (you're still covered!), and how to use CruzCare off-campus.

Health Information Management

Call 831-459-3063 or visit the Health Information Management website.



CAPS Mental Health Services

Visit the CAPS Services webpage to see available mental healthcare services. CAPS has many online services, including individual counseling, online groups and workshops, mental health crisis services, the Let's Talk drop-in program, and free online resources for students. You'll also find psychiatric services on the CAPS site.

Case Management Services

Case managers support students in connecting to on- and off-campus resources for medical and mental health needs. Students can call 831-459-2628 to schedule phone and Zoom appointments. Case Management now has drop-in hours.

SHOP Services

For online, phone, or email consultations on sexual health, party-safe strategies, and drug and alcohol recovery, visit SHOP also offers free personal wellness consultations

CARE Advocacy

For support around sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking, email the CARE office at See CARE website for more information.