Clinical Services: An Overview

Photo by Carolyn Lagattuta.

There is a direct link between health and academic performance. In a recent survey of UCSC students, 26% reported that having a cold, flu or sore throat impacted negatively on their academic performance and over 40% of students reported that concern for a friend or family member, depression or stress caused them to receive a lower grade, drop a class and/or receive an incomplete.

The UCSC Student Health Center provides students with high quality on-campus health care that is professional, confidential, supportive, and affordable. The UCSC Student Health Center offers a wide range of medical services and health programs designed to assist students in maintaining their physical and emotional well being as they work toward the achievement of their academic goals.

All registered students are eligible to use the services provided by the UCSC Student Health Center. The cost of on-campus care depends on the type of health insurance coverage the student chooses; because the UCSC Student Health Center is partly supported by student fees, services at the health center are generally less expensive than services in the community.