Hours of availability


Student Health Center
Room 2201

Appointment Line: 831.459.2389
Fax: 831.459.3546


  • Cost will vary based on insurance.
  • no-insurance cost is $67
  • contact lens fitting:
  • $32-300 depending on the type of lenses

Optometry Services

Optometry is provided by UC Berkeley School of Optometry.

Appointments: To make an appointment for optometry, call (831) 459-2389

You can also book an appointment online at studenthealth.ucsc.edu > select appointments and follow the prompts.

We accept non-UCSC glasses & contact lens prescriptions! Please bring a copy of your prescription or fax to (831)459-3546

Insurance: We accept students with or without vision insurance. The Optometry department only takes UC SHIP vision insurance. Students who do not have UC SHIP will be charged for vision exams and supplies. All fees incurred during your visit will be billed to your student account.

For both graduate and undergraduate students, Anthem Blue View Vision insurance covers an annual routine eye exam with a $10 copayment, eye glasses with a $25 copayment plus up to the $120 allowance for a frame including a standard plastic lens. 

Please refer to the full list of covered services at www.ucop.edu/ucship.  Click on “Tell me more about UC SHIP” and select the UCSC homepage from the left hand navigation bar and go to “Description of Benefits” where you will find links for the “Blue View Vision Plan” as well as links for the UC SHIP brochure and  a link where you can learn about UC SHIP and the ACA.

Students without UC SHIP can also use optometry services and pay out of pocket for exams and materials. We offer discounted exam fees for students without insurance.

Tips For Your Next Optometry Visit

1. If you wear contact lenses, please wear your contact lenses to your appointment and bring your contact lens boxes or previous prescription if possible.

2. Bring your prescription eyeglasses to your appointment and previous prescription if possible.

3. If you scheduled an annual eye exam, plan to have your eyes dilated. A dilation allows the optometrist to better assess the health of the back of your eye. After the dilation, you will not be able to read clearly and you'll be sensitive to light. Your eyes will return to normal in approximately 4 to 6 hours. Please bring sunglasses and do not plan to drive until your eyes return to normal.


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