Medical Records

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Student Health Center

Medical Records
Phone: (831)459-3063
Fax (831)459-3546

  • Medical Records are retained on all patients seen at the Student Health Center for 10 years after last visit date.
  • A signed release from the patient is required.
  • Download the Medical Records Release Form, complete, then mail, fax or deliver in person to the Medical Records Department at the Student Health Center.
  • Medical Records Release Form *EMAIL OF THIS RELEASE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED*.
  • Please allow 15 working days to process your request. 
  • When providing information to us from your past or present off campus physician, please ask for a typed summary letter, rather than sending your entire chart from childhood.

Looking for your immunization records? Log-onto the Health e-Messenger to retrieve!


If you would like to request records from CAPS please call (831) 459-2628.
Subpoena for Medical Records
Subpoenas are to be served directly to the Chancellor's Office for response on behalf of the campus.
If you have any questions about subpoenas contact Information Practices in the Chancellor's Office (831)459-4003 or Campus Counsel's office (831) 459-1848