Self-Directed Testing for Sexually Transmitted Infections

Students with symptoms should see a clinician to discuss the best tests and treatment options. Call 831-459-2500 for an appointment or visit our Same Day Care department.   


At UCSC a student concerned about sexually transmitted infections (STI) who has no symptoms can go the Health Center lab and order testing for sexually transmitted infections without seeing a clinician. Here is the process:

    1. Determine the tests you need:
      • Self-directed testing is available for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV and Syphillis.
      • The order form reviews the basic recommendations for testing
      • If you need more information before you decide what tests you would like:
    2. Test the right body parts:
      • Some of these tests can be done with either a urine test or a vaginal swab. A vaginal swab is more accurate. You do not need to do both a urine and a vaginal swab. 
      • Gonorrhea can be transferred with oral sex. If you need a throat swab for gonorrhea see a nurse in Same Day Care who can swab your throat. Ask reception for a “swab it” visit. 
      • If you are having anal sex you may need to do rectal swab.  
    3. Test at the right time:
    4. Understand the costs:
    5. Complete the order form:
      • Go to your Health E-messenger, click Messages on the menu, select new message, select Self Directed STI Testing
      • Complete the questionnaire and submit.
    6. Go to the Lab:
      • Self-directed testing is available during these hours.
      • Be patient: our lab is busy and sometimes patients with serious health problems will be called into the lab before someone who is waiting for STI testing.
      • You will be able to collect your own vaginal or rectal swab in our private lab bathroom. 


A word about Herpes:

  • Herpes blood tests are not offered for self-directed testing.
  • Herpes blood tests can be falsely positive. This means the test can indicate that a person has been exposed to herpes but the test can be wrong. 
  • For these reasons we do not recommend herpes blood tests.
  • For more information about herpes

A word about Student Health Outreach and Promotion(SHOP):

  • FREE and anonymous rapid HIV testing (results in 20 minutes)

  • Condoms (cheap prices!)

  • Assistance with contraception education and appointments

  • Reproductive health information and resources

  • Pregnancy tests, lube, dental dams and gloves (cheap prices!)