Be Preventive

Preventive Medical, Dental, and Eye Care

Visit the Student Health Center for your annual exams, screenings, information about dental care and cleanings, eye exams, etc. Costs depend on your insurance. If you have UC SHIP, many services are covered! 

Safe Disposal of Medical Waste

Need to dispose of old medicine or sharps? The Student Health Center Pharmacy offers safe, free disposal bins for sharps and medicines.

Stock up at the Student Health Center Pharmacy

You can get a lot of great health-related things from the Student Health Center Pharmacy at low prices:

  • Prescriptions ($5 generics for UC SHIP students!)
  • Travel supplies
  • Toiletries, sundries, and even some beauty supplies
  • Over-the-counter items like allergy medication or painkillers. 
  • Snacks and cold drinks