What to Do When You're Sick

Concerned About COVID-19 symptoms or exposure?

If you have COVID-19 symptoms or think you've been exposed to someone with COVID-19, do not go to a medical facility or the Student Health Center without calling first.

If you are seriously ill, call 911 immediately.

If you are not seriously ill but have COVID-19 concerns:

MPOX Information

Are You Seriously Ill?

Serious injury, very high fever, severe pain, bleeding, loss of consciousness, altered consciousness?

Call 911 or go to the Dominican ER. 
For directions to the ER:

Do You Need Advice?

24 hour Nurse Advice line: (831) 459-2591
Advice on common problems and how to handle them: Common Reasons for Seeking Care

Is the Student Health Center Closed?

Area after hours providers throughout Santa Cruz are available to see students when the Student Health Center is closed. Click here for the After Hours provider list and map:

Mental Health Crisis?

For more information about services on campus for mental health issues: 

Need an Appointment?

Make an appointment
Medical Appointments: 831-459-2500 
Counseling (CAPS) Appointments: 831-459-2628 

Policy Regarding Medical Excuses for Class Absences (Effective Fall 2007)

In Fall 2007, the Academic Senate and the Committee on Education Policy at UCSC approved a new
policy regarding absences from class: a note for verification of illness would no longer be required
for missed classes. The UCSC Student Health Center, along with many college health centers nation-wide, no longer routinely provide verification of illness forms to students requesting a medical excuse. 

In the rare circumstance where a serious illness or injury would cause you to have a prolonged absence
(a week or longer), your clinician off campus or at the Student Health Center may provide this
information to your professors at your request. The first step is still for you to communicate with your
instructors. If further verification is needed, you will need to sign a Medical Records Release form for us
to share your personal medical information with the academic staff. Read the full no note policy for more information regarding medical excuses and class absences.