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What is UC SHIP?

The University of California Regents mandate that all students be covered by a health insurance plan. Because having an insurance plan is required, all full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students are automatically enrolled in and charged for the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) unless they submit an online insurance waiver confirming they have acceptable health insurance coverage. Read the University of California’s insurance mandate letter.

UC SHIP is an affordable health insurance plan tailored to the health care needs of UCSC students. The medical plan features year-round, worldwide coverage using the Anthem Blue Cross network, and includes prepaid access to care at the UCSC Student Health Center for illness or injury. To directly access the UC SHIP website please see http://ucop.edu/ucship. UC SHIP is a comprehensive insurance plan which has Medical, Vision, Dental, and Pharmacy. 


See UC SHIP's waiver period, coverage period, and premium below.

2020-2021 UC SHIP Rates and Important Dates Chart

Larger Version and Accessible Version

Want to know what services are either free or under $25 with UC SHIP? Click the reference sheet below to find out.
Click for full PDF UC SHIP Costs for free, $5, $10, and $25 services
See what's free and affordable
You can also see the Official UC SHIP 2019-2020 Brochure for detailed cost information, or our quick reference showing costs for premiums, deductibles, co-insurance, out-of-pocket maximums, and more.

UC SHIP and Financial Aid

If you wish to discuss your options for covering the cost of UC SHIP premiums, contact the Financial Aid Office at 831-459-2963.

If you attempted to waive UC SHIP and were denied, and want to see if you qualify for financial aid, the Financial Aid Office will need to know that our office has reviewed and denied your request to waive UC SHIP.

The Student Health Center cannot advise you on the various ways to cover the cost of UC SHIP. Please discuss this question with Financial Aid and be sure to let them know that your request for a waiver has been denied.

Accepting or Waiving UC SHIP 

Waiver Deadlines

  • Summer: 7/20/20
  • Fall: 9/15/20
  • Winter: 12/15/20
  • Spring: 3/15/21

If you miss the deadlines above, contact the Insurance Department to submit a late waiver. You'll be charged $50.00 if your waiver is accepted. We can't accept late waivers after the following dates:

  • Summer: 8/4/20
  • Fall: 9/30/20
  • Winter: 12/31/20
  • Spring: 3/30/21

 What to do:

  1. Review and complete the Online Waiver Questions Worksheet before beginning the waiver process.
  2. Read the waiver FAQs and UCOP's New Tips on Waiving UC SHIP
  3. Watch AHP's video on how to complete the waiver.
  4. Go to the UCSC Waiver Site (This waiver site will only be live for set periods of time, see fees and dates table under "UC SHIP Costs above) and complete the online waiver. You must complete and submit the online waiver on the website once you open it. You cannot close it or go back and edit it. Please make sure you have all the correct information before you fill out the waiver.

To accept enrollment in UC SHIP no action is necessary; you will automatically be enrolled and billed for the premium.

To waive out of UC SHIP you must complete an online waiver. Note: Once accepted, the waiver is in effect for the current quarter and the remainder of the academic year. A new waiver must be submitted at the beginning of each academic year.

After you submit the online waiver, our waiver partner, Academic HealthPlans (AHP), will review your waiver. They’ll let you know within 10 business days if there are any issues with your private health insurance plan. After submitting your waiver, email AHP at ucship@ahpservice.com with any questions.


What if you want to use the Student Health Center, but you've waived UC SHIP? You can purchase CruzCare. CruzCare is inexpensive prepaid access to the Student Health Center, available only for students who successfully waive UC SHIP. CruzCare provides *unlimited Student Health Center visits for care of acute illness or acute injury, including in-house Student Health Center Laboratory tests and X-rays. It's a convenient, inexpensive solution for busy students seeking on-campus health care. The fee is $110.00 per quarter for Summer 2020, and $125.00 per quarter starting in Fall 2020. Learn more about CruzCare.


UC SHIP Forms, Information, & Helpful Links

Medical and Mental Health: Anthem

Vision and Dental: BlueVision and Delta Dental

Blue View Coverage Period
Larger Version and Accessible Version
Delta Dental Coverage Period Chart
Larger Version and Accessible Version

Pharmacy: Optum RX

Waiver: Academic Health Partners or AHP

UC SHIP/CruzCare Enrollment & Cancellation

You only need to visit these links if asked by the Billing & Insurance office.

General Information about UC SHIP and Health Insurance